Energy and mystery

Our cub reporter/photographer at Bead and Button, Barbara Young, found the polymer clay works of Barbara McGuire intriguing and I’m sure you’ll agree.

Are they ancient or modern? McGuire has a loose, freeform approach to the clay that combines timeless energy with a dollop of mystery. I forget about technique and focus my attention on the art of the clay. Her class page listings leave me wanting to head south to Georgia.

  • reply Marla Frankenberg ,

    Those bracelets are bold & dramatic without looking heavy or clunky. Barbara’s work is fabulous, & from what I hear from her students, she’s a terrific teacher.

    • reply Jenn ,

      I was fortunate to take a class from Barbara at Ravensdale last August. She’s a wonderful teacher, and a fabulous artist. =)

      • reply Trina Williams ,

        Barbara’s new deep cut stamps are great and used with her My Mokume technique lots of fun. I have taken several classes from Barbara and wish she hadn’t moved from CA to GA!!

        • reply Beth ,

          Barbara’s work in incredible. Barbara’s book about children and teaching art is fabulous. We are thrilled to have Barbara in Georgia!!

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