Ford/Forlano’s polymer clay show in a local gallery exhibited pieces with a painterly quality. I particularly enjoyed the way the show was displayed on a narrow strip of black running horizontally at eye level across a long span of white wall. Their brooches were displayed at intervals on the black band (see the picture).

Ford and Forlano also included a couple of larger sculptures in the show. The one at the left above is about 16 inches tall and one of the ovals (the large one) is a wearable pin that is held onto the sculpture magnetically. Pier Voulkos was the first polymer artist that I know of who integrated her jewelry into larger sculpture so that the pieces could either be worn or viewed as sculpture. A clever trick and most effective in this impressive show.

Ford/Forlano’s work is represented in the current show at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston called, "Jewelry by Artists: The Daphne Farago Collection." Take a look at the slideshow of these wearable works of art.

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    I adore Ford and Forlano’s work (as most folks do), but I have to say thier sculptural work that I’ve seen so far doesn’t hold up to their jewelry.

    The MFA jewelry slide show is fantastic!! Wow! Makes me want to drive down to Boston to see the whole thing.

    Thanks, Cynthia, for more wonderful online finds!

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      […] We spotted a similar dual functionality of jewelry/sculpture last week in the Ford/Forlano exhibit. […]

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