Swimming Pool Palette

Polymer clay extrusions are so much fun the first few times you do them. Soon, however, the shapes and color combinations that seemed so magical become boring. It takes a keen and curious mind to push the technique into something fun again.

These extrusions from Germany’s Kerstin Rupprecht reignited my interest. Kerstin’s friend, Ulrike, supplied the tip and says that Kerstin fills the clay gun with varying tints of translucent blues interspersed with thin slices of white. Perhaps it’s her swimming pool colors on this hot summer day that make me ready to dive into extrusions again.

  • reply Bettina Welker ,

    It’s about time;) Finally my dear friend and claysister Kerstin has her feature. She’s a great caner and she does awesome work. Actually she is the person that helped me the most when I did my first steps into claying.


    • reply Amy E Wallace ,

      I love Kerstin’s site! Not only from a pc-er’s point of view, but also from a website designer’s point of view. Her elegant simple shapes of beads really make me feel like I’m working way to hard. Thanks Kerstin for having bilingual guidance, too.

      • reply jana ,

        I, too, am a fan of Kerstin’s. I’m so happy to see her featured…..way to go, Kerstin!

        • reply Melanie West ,

          Wow! How delicious! Very clever idea, Kerstin. Ever since I took a class with Kathleen Dustin I’ve been mad about translucent – but now you’ve totally inspired me even more! Zounds! 🙂
          (And thanks, once again, to Cynthia, for yet another fantastic find!)

          • reply Bettina Mertz ,

            Kerstin was the first one, I discoverd when searching about Polymer Clay, I´m so happy that she has been mentioned there, because her work is so beautiful, and she has outstanding new ideas. Because of her, I found my great passion – Polymer Clay

            • reply Kathi ,

              I so love Kerstin’s work. It has such a touch of class. Her use of translucent clay makes for some soothing yet wonderful summer images. WTG Kerstin!

              • reply Nadja ,

                I’m a big fan of Kerstins work and her website was “the door” to the Polymerclay-world for me too. How great to see her featured here!

                • reply Kerstin ,

                  Wow! Thank you Cynthia for the feature!
                  And a lot of thanks to all the others for their comments.

                  This really made my day!


                  • reply Jackie ,

                    Go Kerstin, go! Your work is always beautiful and these cool-looking extrusions sure make the grade! Good work! Hugs.

                    • reply Ivana ,

                      When I discovered Polymer Clay I’ve found Kerstin’s work really fascinating and I am very happy for her, that her work is shown here. She is really a great artist and I really like everyone of her creations!


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