Mandy Rentmeester van Goeije from the Netherlands has been working quietly in polymer clay for 10 years. The bonanza of supplies and guilds and classes that we in the US enjoy aren’t available in her country.

Mandy did what enterprising artists around the world are doing. She created a web presence, joined an online guild (etsy), set up shop, uploaded some pictures to a photo site and began making connections. Read her story and see what she’s accomplished.

It’s so gratifying to see those worldwide connections grow that I decided to experiment with a little piece of new software today. Share a picture of your work let’s see what happens.

  • reply Eugena ,

    What a wonderful idea! I love this guestbook! Need to add one to my site. And Mandy’s work is just beautiful.

    • reply Lisa Clarke ,

      Well, that was fun! I’ll have to come back in a few hours and see who else has “signed” the guestbook. Nifty.

      • reply Norma I Agron ,

        Wow! That’s Cool. Thanks for this wonderful place and your service to the polymer clay world. Hi to everyone from Puerto Rico.

        • reply jana ,

          What a cool guestbook…it’s so fun to see everyone’s work. Sorry for the very small photo of my cane…couldn’t get it to accept anything larger..

          • reply sandie ,

            wow. this is so way way cool…many thanks….

            • reply Nancy Richardson ,

              Great idea — Thank you for letting me share some of my sculpture!

              • reply Martha Aleo ,

                What a great idea! Thanks! But my picture got swallowed in Cyberspace. 🙁

                • reply Judy Belcher ,

                  I have gone back to this site several times throughout the day. How wonderful that across the globe we are all tied together with the help of our Cynthia! This is brilliant! Thanks again and again!

                  • reply Melanie West ,

                    Wow, Cynthia! Came back a few hours later and the number of folks who “signed your book” more than trippled! I knew your blog was really, really popular, but I didn’t know it was really, really, REALLY popular. What a blast to see the work of so many clayers from around the world. woooot!

                    • reply Michele Gesing ,

                      So much inspiration!
                      I’ve always wanted to be on Polymer Clay Daily.
                      Great idea, Thank you-

                      • reply Trina Williams ,

                        Another reason to dawdle in front of the computer too long of a morning!

                        • reply Martha Aleo ,

                          Glad to see Cyberspace belched my picture back up. I am really enjoying this and feel so connected to all the other clayers out there.

                          • reply Kristy ,

                            Bless you Cynthia for all of your hard work which we ALL benefit from and are inspired by. Please don’t ever think that yours is a thankless act of kindness because I THANK YOU! And a confession, I’m so obsessed with PCD that it is my home page! Anyone know of a polymer rehab or AA? ( :

                            • reply Trina Williams ,

                              Now look what you made me do. I checked in this morning (at 93) and now you are up to (107) Yeah. Yeah. I know, get a life!

                              • reply Mariane S. ,

                                Thank you so much for this brillant idea !! How wonderfull it is to descover creativity all over the world ! Really magic !

                                • reply Ruth Tarragano ,

                                  Thank you!
                                  This is a real fun!

                                  • reply Marcella Brooks ,

                                    Your site just keeps getting better and better! Thanks for allowing us to contribute and making our clay world so much more intimate.


                                    • reply Justin ,

                                      Wow, it is a very good website. This is my first visit, and will definitely come back. Cynthia, your flikr collection is truly amazing, I didn’t you could achieve the color effect from polymer clay. By the way, a friend of mine, told me he could customize the characteristic of polymer clay. Let me know if you such need. Thanks.

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