Trendspotting Monday

Washington artist Pam Sanders signed the guestbook with an intriguing polymer clay piece so naturally I went exploring. Her loose and playful approach is very appealing with a nice sense of balance and color. I wish I could see more of her work.

And Pam gives us another example of that jewelry/sculpture pairing in her "Dream Temple" piece shown here which incorporates a wearable pin into a 5 x 7 collage meant to hang on the wall.

I’m spotting a trend.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Wow! Pam’s work is very impressive. Her digital and mixed media works are fantastic! Very much a look-see.

    • reply Mandy ,

      Wow…this is great…a great cross-over between mixed media and clay art…very inspiring!

      • reply Pam ,

        OH my god…..I haven’t checked out this website for a few days…and when I do…..I see my own work there…..COOL!!!!
        This website is my favorite…….Thanks for putting my work here….Pam

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