Polymer with Heart

On this American Independence Day when many stories about our country do not make us proud, we take heart from a story about a modest polymer clay project that is making a difference.

Ron Lehocky is a general pediatrician in Louisville, Kentucky who treats children with special challenges. He is a board member for the Cerebral Palsy KIDS Center that provides direct therapies for these children.

"I have worked with polymer clay for nearly 15 years. I mostly make wearable objects and sell them at art galleries and art shows. I have two pieces in Donna Kato’s new book," Ron says.

Over a year ago Ron started making heart pins to raise money for the KIDS Center. Each $10 donation is given to the center and Ron pockets nothing but good will and improved polymer skills. To date he has made 4,000 hearts (no two are alike) which have been sold at the center, at three galleries, a hospital gift shop, a local craft store, and a clothing boutique. His goal is 10,000 pins in 5 years. You do the math.

Ron does not sell the hearts over the internet since there are no specific patterns to choose from. If you are willing to let him choose a pattern for you, contact Ron at rlehocky@bellsouth.net.

  • reply Judy Belcher ,

    Ron is a wonderful human being and a man with a huge amount of talent. I have several of his hearts – great cause and there was no way to choose only one! Each and every heart is beautiful. Wonderful techniques, beautifully shaped and immaculately finished.

    • reply Toby ,

      Yeah. A doc who pcs. Lovely, lovely work.

      • reply Francie Owens ,

        All of Ron’s work is fabulous! I’ve watched Ron make some of his hearts and he has it down to a science. He makes it look so easy and effortless. Each is different, beautiful and fun. All are perfect. Judy is right. You can’t choose just one. Way to go Ron!

        • reply David Katz ,

          Ron always puts all of his heart into anything he does.

          He is a good guy!

          • reply Linda Knotts ,

            I was blessed to take a class from Nan Roche where Ron was a fellow student. He was very generous with his knowledge, tools and words of encouragement. He brought us samples of his work and I was blown away. They were beautiful and very professional. Congratulations!

            • reply Nancy Alvey ,

              Dr. Lehocky not only was pediatrician to one of my children he also has his hearts in my gallery. These hearts are fabulous and came into my life at a time when I needed to something else to focus on. I truly enjoy having these hearts in my gallery and telling their unique buyers the story behind them. After all, every story is different, just like the hearts! You are a good man Dr. Lehocky!

              • reply Kim Cavender ,

                Ron – one of my favorite clay buddies! I’m also the proud owner of several of his beautiful hearts and I can’t say enough about his amazing talent and his generosity. I spent at least an hour looking through hundreds of hearts that he had made and I can honestly say that each and every one of them were beautiful and impeccably finished. It’s great to see him get some recognition for his wonderful work and his fundraising for such a worthy cause. I can’t think of a better way to spend an extra $10!

                • reply Kristy ,

                  WOW! I have to hurry so I can go make some hearts, those are my fav shapes to make and this just inspired me even more, thank you. Also don’t think your site is a thankless job because I appreciate it and RELIY on it DAILY!! THANK YOU!

                  • reply Kristy ,

                    ANYONE KNOW HOW TO FIND THE PICS OF THE HEARTS ON THE WEB??? If you do I would GREATLY appreciate the address

                    • reply leslie ,

                      i adore this man and his work! He really is a very special person. I am so happy to see him here!
                      The quality of his work is just unbelievable!

                      • reply Ponsawan ,

                        I sat next to Ron in Grant Diffendaffer class. He was very kind and generous and always willing to help me out. I am fortumated to have his Heart Pins added to my collection.

                        • reply Jim Littlefield-Dalmares ,

                          Ron is our board member and my daughter’s pediatrician. He goes above and beyond as a volunteer and is loved by everyone. If you don’t have a pin, you’ll want to get one, because around here they are a hot commodity! Thank you Dr. Ron for having such a big heart for all our kids.

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                              • reply Iris Mishly ,

                                these people are to admire… thank you ron!

                                • reply Patty ,

                                  You are a wonderful man!!!! God bless you and all you do!-Patty

                                  • reply Stackie ,

                                    Commenting usually isnt my thing, but ive spent an hour on the site, so thanks for the info

                                    • reply Charmed ,

                                      This is such a wonderful thing. I am a past patient of Dr. Lehockey’s. He was my pediatrician many years ago. I purchased a heart today and will wear it with pride.

                                      • reply Shirley De'Vard ,

                                        Dr. Ron
                                        I took a Jeff Dever class with you last year and bought several of your hearts, like so many of the comments, they were all so beautiful and well designed. The fact that you put such love into them for a very special cause makes them even more special. Congratulations on your much deseved focus.

                                        Shirley De’Vard

                                        • reply Eakes’ polymer gifts ,

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                                          • reply jennie young norton ,

                                            hi,” docky hocky”…that’s what we used to call you…i love your work AND, most importantly, your HEART !!!…just wanted to say hi…jamie is happily married and has two children…sam, 10, and abby, 9,…who remind me of two other children we know..what blessings they are…you are making such an impact in life…i pray nightly for “people who make a difference”…sincerely, jennie…ps phil’s fine

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