This multi-strand polymer clay necklace by Germany’s Bettina Welker reminds me of the glow-in-the-dark necklaces that the kids were wearing at the fireworks last night. I’m guessing that the strands are extruded and I’m wondering if they’re hollow or solid.

There are no mysteries about Bettina’s layered disk necklace at the right. You can read all about how to make it in the summer issue of PolymerCafe.


  • reply Bettina Welker ,

    Oh my god – you did it again Cynthia. thanks so much much, I’m totally flattered to get featured again so soon.
    Concerning the multistrand: yes, the strands are extruded and not hollow. It’s very fragile as the strands are only 2 mm in diameter. But wearing it all the time it seems to be good enough for producing some more;)


    • reply Melanie West ,

      Wonderful work, Bettina! Just delightful! And don’t feel bad about not getting into the NPCG’s P&P. A lot of us didn’t, and I’m betting the judges had a real hard time picking the winners! (At least I hope that’s true – Lol!)

      Did you know that both Polymer Clay Express and Makin have extruder dies that make a hole in the middle of the tube? I’ve been extruding up a storm lately, and it works like a charm!

      • reply Bettina Welker ,

        thanks Mel. Yes I know about the discs, would love to have both sets, but first I’m nearly bankrupt these days because all my customers seem to be on holidays for months nowm, and second the shipping would be too expensive for just ordering the discs.

        • reply Julie Picarello ,

          I always look forward to seeing Bettina’s new work – her color sense and whimsical designs are such a delight! And her multi-strand necklace has got to be one of my favorites…an elegantly streamlined design that packs such a punch. Beautiful!

          • reply Jan Crandell ,

            I didn’t try the PolymerCafe link this morning but I did just now and the link could not be found. I tried the PolymerCafe Magazine link onn the right side of the page and that went through.

            Talk to you soon.

            • reply Lori Scouton ,

              Bettina your work is beautiful! Your colors are truly inspiring! I was so pleased to chat with you this morning and I look forward to reading your article in the Cafe! Best of luck to you!

              Lori aka

              • reply Bettina Welker ,

                Hey Lori, thanks a lot. Yes, I also was delighted to get to know you in chat – cya there

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