France’s Cristalline signed into the guest book with this polymer clay roses necklace. It’s a bountiful botanical piece that combines crystals, wire, seed beeds and polymer into a virtual garden.

It will take a diva to wear this lovely sumptuous piece.

The English translation of her blog isn’t really helpful but the pictures are explanation enough. I particularly enjoyed Cristalline’s tutorials…no English translation necessary. Thanks for getting our week off to a rosey start.

  • reply Bettina Welker ,

    wow, that’s an amazing piece – would like to see it in person….awesome work!!!

    • reply Cristalline ,

      what a pleasant surprised to find me here ! An enormous thank you with you to make me this honor, I am very moved by it !

      • reply Kristy ,

        • reply Amy Crawley ,

          Cristalline’s necklace is just stunning! Congratulatinos Cristalline.

          • reply Ponsawan ,

            Cristalline has a lot of tutorials on her blog including the Rose tutorial. Cristalline and others French Polymer clay Artists had inspired me to share the knowledge and experiences with others around the world by posting free tutorial on our web sites.

            • reply cloud777 ,

              • reply Sera Pinwill ,

                This is gorgeous.

                I’d love to know how its connected to the silver collier.

                The way she’s used colour in this piece is what makes it WOW instead of just plain ‘awesome’ 🙂

                • reply Kitty ,

                  I love her work and this necklace is awesome!!!

                  • reply isa ,

                    Congratulations to Cristalline, she is one of the best polymerist in France and she doesn’t matter to explain how to do with polymer…As she has a lot of good ideas to create….clap clap clap!!!!

                    • reply April Blue ,

                      Loved the multicolored rose necklace for its original look! It reflects a profound love of the earth through the lover’s flower by making each one individual in essence! I think it is marvelous that Cristalline is confident enough to share her artistic talents/tips with the world at large as well! Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your polymer clay creations with us here in!

                      • reply MCBE ,

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