Inspired by a childhood spent growing up in the Australian traveling circus, Sonny King creates captivating polymer clay dioramas of circus life. More than 50 years after he traveled with his father’s circus, Sonny King found expression for his vivid childhood memories.

Two years ago King decided to interpret his memories through 11 three-dimensional dioramas, each about 2 feet wide and 20 inches tall. King crafted each performer, animal, scene and object from scratch, using polymer clay and LED lighting. Every person in his audiences has a distinctly individual facial expression.

His collection of dioramas is on exhibit through October 7 at the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles. Museum Director Maryna Hrushetska says, "It’s the essence of folk art and craft mixed together. They draw you into this vibrant, vivid place and time."

  • reply Toby ,

    Amazing! Might be worth a trip to LA.

    • reply nancy dezotell ,

      I am in complete awe. Can you imagine such detail and imagination in such a small format. Bravo

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