Oregon’s Marcella Brooks is tempting us with a new liquid polymer transfer technique. The pictures on her photo site are intriguing and you can see a sample in this week’s slide show. Marcella’s liquid polymer expertise was also recognized in one of Polymer Clay Central’s challenges.

Says Marcella, "I’m still refining techniques and finding new applications. I’m able to coax sturdy but flexible design elements out of liquid polymer clay which normally wouldn’t be interested in doing much more than spreading out into colorful puddles. I wake up wondering what else I can do with it! For PolymerCafe’s upcoming Big Bead challenge, I submitted images of a 4" hollow bead featuring panels of liquid lace suspended on tulle netting."

This looks like a lovely new twist with great possibilities. Keep Marcella on your "must watch" list.

  • reply Lynda ,

    thank you Cynthia it is a superb article!!!
    I like much the work of Marcella.

    • reply Diana ,

      This is a stunning technique I’d love to know more about! How does one find the weekly slide show?

      • reply Kristy ,

        • reply Marcella Brooks ,

          Thank you for a great week, Cynthia! And thank you to all who complimented and inquired about my work. I’ve got the newest work up in the polymer clay album now. I’m so pleased to have a lot of the kinks worked out & I’m looking to make a lot of new designs this summer/fall, in preparation for the winter/spring season. Kristy, the Autumn series ATCs are all part of this same liquid lace technique, but I’m not doing any tutorials at this time.

          • reply Al Shinkle ,

            Quality and creativity is what I see in Marcella’s technique, especially the surfboard style work.

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