There’s a freshness and energy in the Polymer Clay Artist’s Guild of Etsy. They’re a "street team," a grass-roots group actively engaged in getting the word out about and the value of buying handmade goods directly from the maker.

Each member must have at least five polymer clay items listed in his/her Etsy shop at all times. Its membership is geographically and philosophically diverse.

Check out the current featured Etsy artist, Marcia Palmer from Georgia whose work displays a wide range of styles and techniques. She uses rubber stamps in unusual ways that reflect a strong sense of style and message. Keep your eye on these folks.

  • reply Bettina Welker ,

    I love Marcia’s style very much. She’sone of my flickr contacts and I’m always looking forward to her new work

    • reply Amanda ,

      I’m one of the PCAGOE and I appreciate you writing about us here! I love Marcia’s work too.
      Amanda (Polyclarific on

      • reply Tamara- Block Party Press ,

        Marcia does beautiful work. Her designs are earthy and regal and her finishing techniques are impeccable.

        • reply Holly ,

          Great work Marcia and thanks for mentioning the PCAGOE!

          • reply Marcia Palmer ,

            Thanks so much for your post. And thank you for your support of Etsy and PCAGOE. I visit this blog daily for inspiration. You made my day!!!

            • reply Liz - madeinlowell ,

              Marcia’s work is always surprising me in its originality and beauty, great choice for a feature!

              • reply Michelle Davis Petelinz ,

                Congrats to Marcia! Her work is beautiful, and she knows I’m an admirer, and find her work inspirational, too.

                • reply Cindy ,

                  Thanks so much for posting about PCAGOE, we really appreaciate it. There are so many wonderful artists in our group, I just love sharing their work with everyone.

                  Thanks Again!


                  • reply Ilysa Bierer ,

                    Marcia’s work is gorgeous and she was the winner of one of the groups monthly challenges. We have about 75 members and everyone does something different.

                    • reply Ernie ,

                      The Greater Atlanta Polymer Clay Guild is also proud to claim Marcia as one of our members. And we’re happy to see her beautiful and exotic work featured here. She makes beautiful jewelry – some of her bracelets are just to die for!!!

                      • reply Julie Picarello ,

                        I am very drawn to the Asian influence in Marcia’s work. Her amulets and collage pieces are stuninng, and her hearts are charming (plus you can’t help but love her tag line for them). Thanks for sharing her work!

                        • reply Lynda ,

                          The work of Marcia is splendid, there are much originality and beauty!
                          Thank you to share its work!

                          • reply Sera Pinwill ,

                            Yay ETSY!


                            • reply Nancy - NanjoDogz ,

                              Marcia does beautiful work — she definitely has her own style — just wonderful!

                              • reply Judy ,

                                Thanks for highlighting Marcia’s gorgeous work and our group!

                                • reply Ample Sanity ,

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                                  • reply Second Look - Marcia Palmer, Loretta Lam at Polymer Clay Daily ,

                                    […] Marcia Palmer has refined and expanded her ethnic looking ivories, chunky bracelets and stamped switchplates since we last visited her. She has a bold, decorative style comes through no matter what technique she uses or what item she embellishes. I subscribe to her “Home is where the art is” philosophy. Thanks to Ronna Weltman for reminding us to look Marcia up. […]

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