I was all set to send you to some mouthwatering polymer clay photos (like this "Spondylosis" from Maryland’s Rachel Gourley) when I realized that they were from a Lark’s 400 Polymer Clay Designs volume. Someone had simply scanned the book and put the pictures on her own photo site. Very tacky, very copyright sticky. Let’s not go there.

So instead, I found a stash of photos from the book on Google Books site which looks to be a legit use. Not only can you look at lots of pictures from this book, but you can thumb through pages and pages of information from many polymer clay books and get a very good idea of what a book’s about before you invest.

Perhaps I’m the last one to figure out this Google Books thing, but I’ve been having such fun here that I just had to share.

Sue Ossenberg recommends Fetchbook for the serious book shopper.

  • reply Kim Cavender ,

    Rachel’s “Spondylosis” is my absolute favorite piece in the Lark book. I was thrilled to have the chance to meet her earlier this year and she is just as delightful as her artwork is. I’m so glad to see her work featured on PC Daily, my favorite website!

    • reply Melanie West ,

      Holy makeral! That’s the first I’ve heard of Google Books. (So, no Cynthia, you are not the last one… I am!) Now I will have to spend some serious browsing there and at Fetchbook. … and try to avoid buying any new books. Lol

      • reply Harriet Russell ,

        It’s the first I’ve heard of the Google Books site, too, and the book viewing is much easier for me than on the Amazon site. Fetch is also new to me, and I liked it, but I didn’t see one book there that was rated popular! Even Donna Kato’s first Art of Polymer Clay was only rated “Hardly Popular”. What’s with those readers? LOL

        The site I always used is http://www.bookfinder.com which often yields good finds. I think I’ll be checking all of them from now on.

        Thanks for the tips … Harriet

        • reply Deb Groom ,

          Rachel Gourley is a great artist and she lives in British Columbia. She currently has items for sale at the Craft House on Granville Island in Vancouver, B.C.
          I don’t know if she used to live in Maryland but she makes her home here.
          This art instillation “Spondylosis” was recently on display at the Vancouver Museum and received understandably great feedback.

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