Primitives and meditative polymer clay art has surfaced as the theme this week so we’ll end the week with these faux ivory pieces from Luann Udell.

It was a roundabout trip to Luann. I read her comment on craft marketer Bruce Baker’s site about how his tapes had helped her. "Your tape enabled me to really think about why I make crafts and to convey that feeling to my customers. You have taken the angst out of selling and made it enjoyable," she said, and I wanted to see what Luann was up to.

Take a look (don’t miss her little movie) and have an enjoyable weekend.

  • reply Luann Udell ,

    Wow, I stopped by to see what wonderful new things you’d found this week–and there I am!! Thanks for the mention on your great site.
    And I meant every word I said about Bruce Baker’s CDs and seminars. They are not to be missed! His old tape was more informal and very funny. The CDs are updated and more organized. I still listen to them religiously before a show. If you ever get a chance to hear him speak in person, go for it!
    best wishes,

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