Voluptuous Veggies

No better way to start your week than with a look at these new polymer clay purses from Kathleen Dustin. (Click on each one.) Her "voluptuous vegetables" signal a move on from Dustin’s layered transluscent women and more recent boar bristle series. These new species made me gasp with awe and admiration.

Thanks for the pictures go to super friend Hollie Mion who tracked down Kathleen at the Ann Arbor, MI arts festival. I’ve included a few larger images of her works and her display.

  • reply Judy Belcher ,

    I…. can…. barely…. speak…. WOW! Always the innovator! Kathleen – exploring, pushing herself and the medium to new and great heights! Fabulous! Note to self: do NOT not stay stagnant!

    • reply Judy ,

      Amy Crawley and I had just written in our blogs about her new work. It is absolutely wonderful. She is at the NH Craftsman’s Guild Show in Sunapee, NH through next weekend for anyone within driving distance. The work is phenomenal.
      Sandra McCaw, Luann Udell, and Barbara Sperling are all there will new work as well. Polymer lover heaven.

      • reply Bettina Welker ,

        Kathleen just outdoes herself. Awesome work…love her

        • reply Donna ,

          Kathleen, you’ve done it again! This work is heart stopping. Amazing. There are no words…..

          • reply Barb Fajardo ,

            This is polymer at it’s highest level!! Kathleen creates the most fantastic art I’ve seen in *any* medium!

            • reply loretta ,

              Oh wow. Spectacular is not too strong a word. Amazing, gorgeous, luscoius… I could go on. I only wish I could touch them.

              • reply Libby Mills ,

                Wow! Thank you for sharing those spectacular pieces with us. Several years ago I had the privilege of seeing a comprehensive slide presentation of Kathleen Dustin’s work. She has gone through several evolutions and each one is so amazing. She truly is an inspiration and a leader in our craft.

                • reply Hollie Mion ,

                  I felt so fortunate to be able to examine her work in person again. It had been a very long time since I had a chance to see and speak with this great artist and person. Not only are the overall pieces great, her finishing work is beyond compare. But one little note – I don’t think the featured pieces are part of her “Voluptuous Vegetables” series, except maybe the one on the far right. I didn’t think to ask if the new series had a name, or if they are an extension of her earlier “V,V.” series.

                  • reply Lynda ,

                    Fabulous,! work is impressive, always also marvellous!!!
                    but all my word are insipid and without expressions to express what I feel!!!

                    • reply marcia ,

                      Beyond fabulous! Truly inspiring. Thanks for keeping us all connected to such wonderful artists with such wonderful energy!

                      • reply Art Date: League of NH Craftsmen Show « Musings from the Moonroom ,

                        […] Kathleen Dustin:  Kathleen has once again pushed the envelope in creating and developing techniques in polymer clay.  With a background in math and then ceramics, Kathleen first became known for her astonishing millefiore cane work.  Then she perfected the depth of surface technique with translucent polymer clay which allowed her to create exquisite museum quality handbags most notable for their depiction of the female face and form.  Now Kathleen has pushed the envelope again with pod forms.  I joked with Kathleen that it looked like she had been playing in her garden.  “No,” she said “I’ve been walking alot in the woods picking up pods.”  I want to take a walk in those woods.  Kathleen’s web site will be updated in the near future with these new pieces.  They are simply stunning! (Note: a shot of Kathleen’s new work is currently posted on Polymer Clay Daily.) […]

                        • reply claygeek ,

                          she is clay goddes, she plays magic with clay

                          • reply Lindly Haunani ,

                            Bravo! I gasped in delight at seeing these pieces…voluptuous indeed! I look forward to seeing just how this series unflolds.

                            • reply Dawn Therrian ,

                              I can’t believe how amazing she is…I contacted her to see if she would sell me some beads, but she doesn’t do that….Too bad. She is awe inspiring. She should write a book on her techniques.

                              • reply David Dustin ,

                                Gosh, what wonderful comments! The studio’s new resemblance to the set from “Day of the Triffyds” seems worthwhile!

                                • reply Louise Fischer Cozzi ,

                                  Unbelieveable! Such gorgeous shapes and colors. Kathy, you are an inspiration to all of us!

                                  • reply Barb Sperling ,

                                    Ahhhhh, you know I so appreciate the fineness of your work, no matter what scale. Always stretching, reaching, conquering. A model for us all. I am listening, just need my life to get off the speedbumps it seems to be riding right now so I can revisit my creative juice factory once again. You have always been very inspiring to me and I do hold your sage advise in the recess of my brain, waiting patiently until it gets its chance to soar.

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