After the wonderful intensity of yesterday’s polymer clay pieces I felt drawn in the opposite direction. I headed to my French links for a dose of spontaneity and colorful exuberance.

I couldn’t find the artist’s name on this site. She’s elusive, my French is terrible and I’m hoping someone will reveal her to us. (She’s Dominique Franceschi. Thanks to Marilyn V. for identifying her.) Scroll all the way down to see some quick and clever extrusions turned into mokume gane. This work shows what playful confidence can produce.

Thanks for the link goes to Singapore’s Rita Sim.

  • reply Sabine Alienor ,

    Yes this is a great artist and her name is Dominique.

    • reply Pascale de D. - Tana'Calou - ,

      Dominique is our manager from a French group : Creationfimo !
      She is doing always splendid things with polymer clay, peints and others…
      She likes nature colors, but this time, with the clay gun, she would like to dream with colors, and let them go by themselves !!

      • reply Chifonie ,

        You’re right, Dominique (or “Domi”) is a creative, imaginative and generous artist !

        • reply Marilyn ,

          • reply Sherry Bailey ,

            Delicious! I really love the “fun” these pieces display!

            • reply Trina Williams ,

              Yum! After scrolling down the page to find the “secret” I can add another “play with it” technique to my arsenal. I’ve tried packing the scraps in the clay gun to see what happens and got near mud. This looks tres cool.

              • reply Sera Pinwill ,


                Fab work. And her finishing is meticulous. Makes my semi-sanded fingers ache just thinking about it!

                Frip On!

                • reply Mariane S. ,

                  What a nice surprise to see Dominique’s creation here ! This is a great artist, I warmly recomand you to visit on her blog the travel through her necklesses. She describe throught the color of her beads some countries all over the world … One of my favourite part of her travel is “The road to India” here :
                  Have a nice day ;o) !

                  • reply domi ,

                    thanks, thanks,
                    je suis tres émue et un peu fière d’avoir été citée parmi toutes les grandes artistes que vous nous proposées tous les jours,
                    je “travaille” la pate polymère depuis 14 ans, j’aime les expériences que l’on peut faire avec cette pate “magique”,
                    merci aussi pour vos commentaires.

                    • reply Rita Sim ,

                      Thank you for including a link to my Polymer Clay website on August 8 with correction on my country of residence which is Singapore.

                      I’ve always admire your creations, Dominique and I frequently visit your website.

                      ~ Rita

                      • reply Edie Stanger ,

                        If you copy and paste the url of any page you want to translate into google, naturally it usually will find the page, but best of all, it will have a link to translate the page. Certainly the translation is far from perfect and can be confusing, but it is helpful.

                        • reply Domitsu ,

                          Super fière pour toi que tu sois à l’honneur…C’est tout à fait mérité…il suffit d’aller visiter ton blog pour en être convaincue…c’est grâce à toi et à Parole de pâte que j’ai eu l’envie de m’y mettre… Merci

                          • reply astinfe ,

                            bravo domi tu me donnes tjrs envie de continuer a manipuler cette etrange pate car tes idées sont exceptionnelles et surtout faciles a appliquer thanks

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