Donna Kato thought she lost her groove and I thought I lost Cathy Johnston. Not to worry, both have been found.

After a creative slump and lots of frequent flyer miles, Donna’s got her groove back with some stunning polymer clay pop art beads.

And Cathy Johnson lost her domain but her little polymer books and puppets live on at a new address. Cathy’s organizing registrations for both Clay Carnival and her Eastern Washington guild’s clay escape. I love finding things I was sure were lost, don’t you?

Thanks for all your lovely comments on yesterday’s video.

  • reply Barb Fajardo ,

    I love the ringed pieces! Is there anything that Miss D can’t do??

    • reply Janice ,

      Positively gorgeous! The colors are very fab!

      • reply Lynda ,

        I do not know if these is the many voyages which inspired them, but it is splendid!!!
        I like these new forms and all these colors!!!
        cheer has they!!!

        • reply Teena Krueger ,

          I love all of the colors and shapes, so gorgeous.
          The ringed beads are awesome.
          I hope they are in Donna’s upcoming book.
          I would love to learn how to do that bead.

          • reply Melanie West ,

            Woah, Donna! Those beads are fantastic! Way to go! No question, your muse is working long and hard. 🙂

            • reply Donna ,

              Hi there;

              Many thanks, friends! Boy, that Peter Chang really got things moving again – I’d definitely recommend a look at his art jewelry. It’s really inspiring and so very, very cool.

              Cynthia! I saw the Youtube and it’s fantastic. Is there anything you can’t do? What a splendid, elegant way to make one of the most complex of canes. I’d like to meet Michelle Fanner someday.

              Bye, D

              • reply jana ,

                There she goes again….mind blowing, Donna. All I can do is shake my head….wowza…

                • reply Lynda ,

                  I Donna includes/understands to you, I see what Peter Chang made, and they is marvellous, it is the only word which come me

                  • reply Bettina Welker ,

                    Oh my god, Donna – I just love your new beads. These colors rock!!

                    • reply Lori Scouton ,

                      Donna your beads are wonderful as usual. Someday I will make a point to see your work up close.

                      I am pleased to hear of the Clay Escape in No. Idaho!!! Definately something I want to attend. Cathys work is fantastic!

                      Lori Scouton

                      • reply Scott ,

                        Shape, style, color, finish…Perfection!

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