This polymer clay petroglyph bead by Klew captures interest on many levels. The image is ancient, intriguing and highly polished, the background is variegated, the base bead is bright colored and unpolished.

Klew’s addition of a coil of color framing the image adds an unexpected textural element. When she surrounds the bead with complementary glass, bone and metal beads, as in this bracelet, the effect is rich.

Klew’s clip-on magnifier glasses were a real hit. She’ll be carrying them on her site.

  • reply Trina Williams ,

    Nice to see this new direction in Klews work. I have a great focal bead I bought about 7 years ago plus all the coordinating beads that are waiting for inspiration.

    • reply Scott ,

      This is such an original piece, I love everything polymer from swirls and lentils to cane work beads, etc. but this is very refreshing!

      • reply Donna ,

        Klew’s petroglyph series is one of my favorites – also the theme is very appealing (horses!). What an amazing artist she is.

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