Using an upside-down glass votive, a light (from and translucent polymer clay, we watched as Leslie Blackford created another of her fanciful and mythic nightlights.

Leslie is genuinely surprised when we tell her that not everyone can conjure up the delightful stories and animals that fill her head. We’re going to give it a try and later in the week I’ll share our results with you.

The steps for making this lamp are deceptively simple. Mix a bit of color into the clay, coat the glass with glue, drape the thin clay over the votive, create the embellishments, and cut a thick layer for the base with a hole in the center to accommodate the light. Add the feet after the rest of the sculpture is baked.

  • reply Kim Cavender ,

    Leslie, this may be my favorite light yet! You are such an amazingly talented and wonderful person. So glad to call you my friend. Love you big!

    • reply Julie ,

      She’s one of the nicest, most giving instructors out there…and her imagination is astounding!

      • reply Wandy ,

        Leslie is my favorite polymer clay artist!!!!!!!

        • reply jana ,

          You’re right that Leslie doesn’t seem to get just how talented she is and that very few people can do what she does. She has a gift; the whimsy and personality in each of her pieces isn’t easy to attain, and yet those qualities seem to ooze from her fingertips!
          Congrats Leslie!!

          • reply Scott ,


            • reply Melanie West ,

              Leslie is an amazing artist. No matter what she makes, her style and artistic gift shines through. Brava, Leslie!! Keep it coming!

              • reply Marla ,

                Leslie’s work is absolutely charming & magical! And Leslie herself is one of my favorite people.

                • reply Linda ,

                  I love this one, Leslie…I want it, I want it, I want it!!!!!!

                  I love your primitive, rustic art and the personality that is included in each peice!

                  • reply April Blue ,

                    I loved the part about conjuring up animals in one’s head! Instantlee I thought tawny colored lioness/lions and white tigers/tigress I could create for my very own nightlights poetic and bright! Thanks for the tremendous gift of inspiration!

                    • reply Lynda ,

                      I like this with dimensions mysterious, of stories for children, animals of the forest… a very magic work !

                      • reply Ron Lehocky ,

                        Leslie is a artistic genius whose creative talents and imagination are boundless. When I sit beside her at guild meetings or in classes her fingers generate incredible creatures with no sign effort or creative stress. Everything she makes is filled with whimsy, originality, uniqueness and personality. Leslie is as generous as she is creative. I am pleased to be the recepient of several of her animals and primitive relics that adorn my studio and remind me of this unassuming and truly original artist.

                        • reply Donna ,

                          Of all the artists I know, Leslie’s work is the most personal – her art really begins in her heart and just flies out of her fingertips! Her work resonates and fills those who see it – it makes my heart sing! She is one of the great ones and also the kindest and most generous person I know.

                          • reply Polymer Clay Daily » It’s all in your head ,

                            […] I’ve missed a few of our polymer clay nightlights from a session with Leslie Blackford last week. This will give you an idea of the silly fun you can have with a glass votive, some transluscent clay, a small light bulb and a dash of imagination. […]

                            • reply Sandra ,

                              You are so talented! Your imagination just blows me away!!

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