Colorado’s Karen Sexton says that these luminous polymer clay pins she just finished are the result of a simple process. She lightly painted Pinata inks on thin alternating layers of translucent and pearl clay and stacked the layers.

She impressed the stack with various tools, mokume gane style. Thin slices of the resulting cane were applied to a pearl backing to create the pins. A deceptively simple process.

What she leaves out of this description is her lovely sense of balance and color. Karen’s one of those artists without a site and her local guild’s site is under reconstruction. The guild will have a new gallery of members work up soon but I couldn’t wait to show you Karen’s fine work.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Agreed, Cynthia… Karen’s sense of design is terrific! Wow! And I love the idea of bringing alcohol inks into the picture. (I love any excuse to use those little bottles – lol!). Thanks for sharing Karen’s work. 🙂

    • reply Lynda ,

      it is very sympathetic nerve of shared its art!!!!!
      thank you has to you two!

      • reply DrMom ,

        GOrgeous… Thanks for sharing

        • reply jana ,


          • reply Ana ,

            I love the work.
            thanks for sharing, it is wonderful…

            • reply Julie Picarello ,

              Very striking…love the ‘abstract art’ look as well as the wash of muted colors. Beautiful work!

              • reply Trina Williams ,

                Beautiful! I have one of Karen’s pins from quite a few years back and it’s one of my favorites. This new work is really nice.

                • reply Maniguette ,

                  It’s really hard to believe that such beautiful pins are the result of a simple process!!! It’s a delight for us, thanks for sharing.

                  • reply Donna ,

                    Beautiful work from a beautiful lady and I do mean, lady! Great, as usual, Karen! We expect nothing less of polymer clay in your hands.

                    • reply Rev Mark ,

                      Stunning work! Karen’s sense of balance, colour, and movement come together in such a delightful way! Well done!

                      • reply Lunes ,

                        Beautiful – you would think they were glass!

                        • reply Kim Cavender ,

                          Incredible finish on these pieces and the colors are wonderful!

                          • reply Polly S. ,

                            I think this is awesome Polymer Clay pieces and very well designed. Good overall color. Hard to believe it is layers of Thin clay. Thank you so much for sharing.

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