Summer ends with color

France’s Mathilde Colas’ colorful site is just what we need to begin a glorious weekend. Take a look at her glowing work. She has several books in print and a new one out next month.

The link was sent in by Wisconsin’s Sari009 whose site is a fun diversion as well (caution, it loaded slowly for me). Have a great Labor Day weekend.

  • reply jana ,

    (just spent waaay too long at Mathilde’s site)…wasn’t that fun! I was totally sucked into looking at _each_ photo on her site. So many unique elements to her designs, and she has such a nice sense of style. Thanks for sharing this. I completely enjoyed browsing through her beautiful and interesting work!

    • reply Sherry Bailey ,

      Almost like Donna Kato with a French accent, oui?! (OK, maybe the similarities are in my imagination…) Really nice work!

      • reply Lori G ,

        Wow. Where do you find all of these great artists and pieces. Those are incredible!

        • reply Lynda ,

          I do not weary myself, to go to see his photographs!!!! It is an artist with much talent, I is not had yet the occasion to meet her, can be one day…!!!!

          • reply Louise ,

            Mathilde is a great artist . I am following her career from afar since the beginning. She has a great sense of colour and style.I just love what she does. Thank you for mentionning her here.

            • reply Lunes ,

              What a stunning site – and French too!
              Beautiful inspirational designs.

              • reply nadège ,

                Can we have the reference of the book ? the name of the autor and editor ?
                thanks you !

                • reply nadège ,

                  oups ! sorry I’ven’t see that it is Mathilde Colas’ book ! 😉

                  • reply Sera Pinwill ,

                    Sherry Bailey said: “Almost like Donna Kato with a French Accent….”

                    Eggzackly what I was thinking!

                    A fun way to pass a boring afternoon in my office 😉

                    • reply Stacie Ruppe ,

                      I would love to have an English version of her book! Her site was fantastic!!!! I love the way she includes a variety of textures. Love her.

                      • reply Domitsu ,

                        Congratulations Mathilde !!!
                        A French Fan…

                        • reply Laura ,

                          Mathilde’s work is so wonderful, and I kept checking for her new book on Amazon but it’s not there yet.

                          I went to her site today to see if more info is available and found a link to a French book site where you can order it directly. (It’s also in French and mine is VERY rusty, but it’s pretty intuitive to navigate to complete an order.) Here is the url:

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