Texan Dawn Barker’s polymer clay Escudo do Mar represents life under the sea, capturing its color, movement and vitality. The 24" by 30" mosaic of 1.5" polymer clay tiles is mounted on stretched canvas and was voted the winner in the Etsy Guild’s August challenge. The details glow in the dark, giving the piece an entirely different look at night. A lovely summer memory.

Hit the books! If you’re itching to expand your vocabulary and sharpen your design skills, you may want to consider these two books on design. Design!: A Lively Guide to Design Basics for Artists & Craftspeople by Steven Aimone and Design Language, Interpretive Edition by Tim McCreight were favorites in the conference library. The books are not specific to polymer clay but they can help you build a good design foundation.

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    One word – YUM!

    And dang it, Cynthia, stop posting cool books on your blog! I’m back on my “poor starving artist” budget!!! Arrgh! ;D

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