Heat Gun Inlays, Hot New Blogs

Those of you hankering for more details about how to fire polymer clay with a heat gun can see final pictures of my project, related links, and instructions here. Thanks for all the great comments.

Encourage Fellow Bloggers

Look at Lindly Haunani’s new blog here. And Sarah Shriver’s taken baby steps on her blog with a bit about her history and a picture of her backyard studio. I see Judy Belcher’s even put a toe in the blog water.

If you’ll send them some comments, it’ll reassure these techno-shy polymer artists that we’re watching and anxious to hear more.

Kathleen Dustin’s uploaded more samples of her new work (like these pod earrings) to her website as well. Thanks to Loretta Lam for spotting that one.

  • reply Toby ,

    Kathleen Dustin’s work is awe inspiring.

    • reply Melanie West ,

      Thanks for the heads up on Lindly’s, Sarah’s and Judy’s blogs. I’ll have to run back to my blog to post links to their blogs. Ack! Blogs everywhere!! Lol!

      Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to see some of Kathleen’s new work up close and personal. They truly are as good as they look in the photos… I remember being amazed that what I was looking at was really just polymer clay… but then, that’s Kathleen for you. It is the rich organic look (and feel) of her new work that I love so much.

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