Wow, was I ever surprised by your response to my polymer clay wall art. You’ve encouraged me to add some finishing touches.

Using a drill and a set of forstner bits, I drilled small circles into the hardwood floor. Since the holes are perfect circles, I could have baked the cane slices first and glued them in (my husband’s suggestion).

I preferred to put a dab of liquid polymer in the holes, press the unbaked clay in, trim flush with the floor and then fire on location with a heat gun.

It’s fun to watch people try to pick up the cane slices thinking they’ve fallen off the wall. And I love the idea that it looks like the canes blew up through the floor vent. Thanks to master colorist Lindly Haunani for suggesting that I sprinkle solid orange canes slices among the patterned ones to give your eye a place to rest. That worked. Have a great weekend.

I’ll post a better picture of the finished project this weekend.

  • reply Marci J ,

    These are beautiful. I love them! How brave of you to go for it and affix them to the wall and floor. Awesome!!

    • reply Melanie West ,

      Brilliant!! OMG, Cynthia, I love the way your mind works! Thank you for sharing more! 🙂

      Hmmmm. I wonder if it would work on our new cherry counter tops.

      • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

        Cool idea, Cynthia. BTW, the link for both pictures is the same. I’d love to see a close-up of the finished floor.

        • reply Toby ,

          can you put my house on the list next! It is simply amazing.

          • reply Garlinda Price ,

            I would be the one trying to pick them up off of the floor, how gorgeous and creative. My prayer to God has to been to take the lid off of my creativity and your site so inspires me. Sincerely, Garlinda Price

            • reply Christine ,

              “Thinking they’ve fallen off the wall”…absolutely brilliant! LOL!

              I’d love to do that to our (new) hardwood floors but hubby would KILL me. (Although, with the general level of messiness here, it *could* be awhile before he figured it out.)

              There’s gotta be *something* around the house I can go all Forstner-bit crazy on, though…thanks for the idea!

              • reply Scott ,

                Like drops of creativity rising from the floor vent, what a great effect. Brilliant!

                • reply Kathi ,

                  Can you come do my place after Toby’s? I can’t wait to see the new finished project pictures. So inspiring. Hmmmm, maybe I should add some to my glass studio…..

                  • reply myra katz ,

                    do you know where I can find directions for making penny quilt canes?

                    • reply Amy Crawley ,

                      I think my husband would freak out if I drilled holes into our hardwood floor. Or he may just look at me and say “Are you SURE you want to do that?” You are a brave soul (with a very understanding husband.)

                      • reply April Blue ,

                        I would have never thought of anyone putting circles of polymer clay inside their hard wooden floors! he he he I guess you would have to love the colors you had chosen for many years to come!

                        • reply sari0009 ,

                          He he. I can imagine many themes. Not only things patterned like these canes but fairies, angels, things mythological…with occasional 3D M. C. Escherish touches.

                          • reply Sera Pinwill ,

                            I hope you don’t wear stilletto heels too often! Your beautiful floor might not cope.
                            Perhaps you could insist that people who come in only wear slippers – or rubber soled shoes.
                            I love your lateral thinking about putting polymer in the floor. I would never have thought of that. That’s what makes you such an amazing resource to our community.
                            With BIG thanks,

                            • reply Lori G ,

                              Brave indeed! I need a little of that too. My house still has the original boring white-ish walls it came with seven years ago. Thanks for making me reconsider.

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