Bambi Necklace from Finland

Oh to be this playful and to be making a polymer clay Bambi necklace like this one by Emmuzka of Helsinki, Finland. Make no mistake Emmuzka is a clay novice, but a novice with a sense of style and whimsy. Emmuzka’s experiment in making fairy wings for Barbie dolls is very sweet too.

If I were holiday crazy, I’d consider Santa and his reindeer for a necklace design sure to get grins. A quick cruise through Emmuzka’s Flickr site may remind you of your own early efforts and first successes.

It’s a little diversion as I ponder the past and the future of our community of fellow artists around the world. Note that the necklace was made for a swap with an American artist.

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    Emmuzka is one of the rising talents in Finland. I am glad you have found her work!

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