Enjoy these pictures from the reception for "The Evolution of Psychepolymereganics," Meredith Dittmar’s one-woman show at Compound Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

If you want to know a bit about how Meredith works, read this article from an earlier Portland show. You’ll find information about this prolific artist all over the web including previous posts ( here and here) on PCDaily.

In conjunction with her artwork she works as an independent character designer and maintains her company, Corporatepig, through which she continues to create handmade characters called "My Guys." These 3D polymer clay doodles are quirky and lovable and she’s created over 10,000 of them since 1994.

The show runs until October 31. Here’s the catalog of work in the show. Thanks to River Wolfe for the link.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Wow! Brava, Meredith! A stunning collection of work.

    Thanks, Cynthia, for yet another terrific gem to start my day.

    • reply vivi ,

      I like it so much … some of them make me think about mexican “arbres de vie” (life trees ?).
      wonderfull, thank you !

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