Polymer Cake Sculpture – Life Size

You gotta see this!

Here’s the rest of the story about Elizabeth Bonura’s life-size polymer clay wedding cake topper. (Here’s the beginning of the story.)

The bride saw a similar cake when she was a child in Nigeria and it became her dream….come true.

Fabulous! Crazy!


  • reply Elizabeth Bonura ,

    It was a fabulous, crazy adventure creating that sculpture for the cake!!! I was so excited to see the final pieces put together:) The bake done an incredible job – neither of us knew how she was going to do it!

    • reply catherine ,

      I reckon this cake will last for some time!

      • reply Libby Mills ,

        That is wild and beautiful. Talk about memories to last a lifetime!

        • reply Michelle Davis Petelinz ,

          An outstanding achievement. Congratulations, Elizabeth!

          • reply Debbye ,

            I think this is awesome.

            • reply Valerie ,

              I just read about your cake last week and now I am receiving emails from people about how amazing it is!

              • reply Kristy ,

                I’m very interested in a peice. I was wondering if anyone know what brand is used and if she uses ONLY clay or fills the inside with something else. PLEASE email me if anyone knows! THANKS!

                • reply Elizabeth Bonura ,

                  Hi Kristy,
                  I didn’t see a way to email you… so here’s the answer to your questions:
                  1) I use ProSculpt Polymer Clay
                  2) There is a foil armature under the polymer clay

                  • reply Shequilla Leblanc ,

                    This is a unique idea I live in Louisiana and I also would like you to do a cake for my special wedding event a friend knew I would just fall in love and sent ths to my email now I waiting on your responds.

                    • reply bola ,

                      wow ! this is wonderful, never new I actually was viewing a cake until after a while. now, is the brides face made of cake also?

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