Susan Hyde’s Site

I’m such a fan of Washington’s Susan Hyde that I was giddy when she sent me the link to her new polymer clay site. It’s not quite finished…they never are.

Susan’s color sense is eye-popping and she can make polymer clay look like the most complex fabric. Her fabric tutorial shouldn’t be missed.


  • reply Kim Cavender ,

    I’m a HUGE fan of Susan’s work and I’m so excited about her website. I plan to savor this slowly!

    • reply Lisa Clarke ,

      Oh, what great news- I absolutely love her caned faux fabrics. I look forward to exploring her site.

      • reply Toby ,

        I have not seen her before… what great colors.

        • reply Trina Williams ,

          Can’t wait to see her web site. She is an excellent teacher. One of my favorite pieces was made from fabric I did in her class.

          • reply Janet Sanad ,

            Susan does GREAT work! Love her designs & colors. Have her pieces.

            • reply Cindy ,

              These colors really SING!

              • reply zahava pritzker ,

                Simple elegant and great technique I will try it.

                • reply Iris Mishly ,

                  Susan is such a friendly woman, willing to share her knowledge so generously, her art is beautiful! happy to see her site coming to life 🙂

                  • reply Tasha ,

                    Love your site! I’ve added your link to my blogroll. Personally, I hope to start working with polymer clay in the near future because it seems to be a great medium to work with.

                    • reply Lori G ,

                      The site doesn’t need to be done. That slab on the front makes me drool enough already!

                      • reply naama zamir ,

                        at last… iv’e been wating for this site. thanks for sharing that with us

                        • reply Robin King ,

                          Susan, what a beautiful site! You know I am a huge fan, so am just delighted that your site is up!


                          • reply Lindly Haunani ,

                            Thank You for sharing. I have always admired Susan’s work via her “comfort” with saturated colors. My first impression- remains- Susan with a basket of pins at Ravensdale 1996- and the Murphys welcoming her into the conference store, with a hot cup of perfect coffee and their exhuberence to all things creative, joyful and life affirming !!!

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