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Boston’s Betsy Baker takes simple polymer clay shapes and gives them an interesting twist as in this necklace with alternating long bi-conal and rounded square beads. Take a look at her offerings on Etsy and her web site.

The neatness extends to Betsy’s studio space where she says she must have a comfortable chair or her muse will refuse to visit.

Betsey’s does a bang up job of distilling her notes from her class with Maggie Maggio in Stresa, Italy. If you want the color smashing crib notes, read Betsy’s blog.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Yeay, Betsy!! Congrats on getting featured on PCD!! *sends her a big cyber hug*

    Over the last couple of years Betsy’s work has just blossomed. Her work is just terrific – especially her silver and pc work, and well worth a look-see.

    And her studio resides in a stunning Boston Townhouse that she has totally renovated – on her own! Just beautiful!! 😉

    • reply sari0009 ,

      Mmmmm. Clean, neat, intriguing, and great color play. Sigh.

      • reply Lunes ,

        What a range of simple awe inspiring colours. Wonderful!
        Have just been admiring your workspace too….drool drool – fancy running a European workshop in 2008?

        • reply Nadja ,

          Wow Betsy! How great to see your work here! :o)
          Congratulations and a big hug!

          • reply Betsy Baker ,

            Wow! Just over a year ago I was stuck in a 9-5 corporate job and beginning my love affair with polymer clay. And now I’m on PCD! It’s been a journey, and it ain’t over yet.

            I couldn’t have done it without my mentor, Melanie West. And some incredibly sharing workshop instructors: Judy Kuskin for teaching me the wonders of metal and that the world is not symmetrical, Dan Cormier for the value of good craftsmanship, Kathleen Dustin for the jaw dropping beauty of her work, Louise Fischer Cozzi for instilling laughter and joy in the process and Maggie Maggio, who opened my eyes to the wonder of color.

            • reply Vandi ,

              Congratulations Betsy! Your new pc pieces are so beautiful! I love what you’ve done with your studio space.

              • reply Betsy ,

                Love can be hard work too … & you sure put in the time and effort.

                I”m in awe of the alchemy you preform on “kids” clay ~ turning it into splendid creations of beauty.


                • reply Maggie Maggio ,

                  Congrats Betsy! Your work has such a wonderful sense of style and elegance. Can’t wait to see where you will go next. Thanks for the great blog on the workshop in Italy. We did have lots of fun! Maggie

                  • reply marcia ,

                    Just another admirer. I love Betsy’s work.

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