SonofaMother Masks for your car

These polymer clay FreakMagnets are meant to be displayed on the back of your car. They’re made by Etsy artist, SonofaMother.

He’s from Biloxi, MS and was inspired by traditional African masks. SonofaMother dips liberally into his toolbox for wires and screws to embellish his creations in unusual and clever ways.

The link was sent in by Cassy Muronaka (you’ll find her in these publications) and she purchased the mask/magnet shown here.

  • reply Kim Cavender ,

    These are great! Freak magnets – what a fitting name! I wish Cassy would do a website herself. She does some wonderful work!

    • reply Kathi ,

      those are wonderful! I love the name. I can see my trike with a few of those on it!

      • reply vivi ,

        “un look d’enfer” as we say it in french … wonderfull !!!

        • reply Iris Mishly ,

          what an art! great!

          • reply Julie Picarello ,

            Oh WOW…polymer combined with hardware…my favorite!!! These FreakMagnets are quirky, inventive and oh so creative. I checked out the artsits ETSY site and decided “HeadHunter” needed to come home with me ~ can’t wait until he arrives. Thanks for the link, Cassy & Cynthia!

            • reply mountainousdewous ,

              SonofaMother art is THE art of now. The Artist, SH, secret hero of my poems, is a genius. Go Buy His Art!!!

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