The best way to see the exciting polymer clay work by Tokyo polymer clay artist Nagumo Rie is to go to her site. Once there, keep reloading the front page to see nice big photos of her thin, delicate designs. Lovely inspirations to start your week.

I’m desperate for her new book, Polymer Clay Accessories, and am trying to figure out how to get it from Amazon Japan.

In the meanwhile I’ve google-translated and scanned her site and learned that she’s a multi-talented artist who started in textiles and works in PMC and polymer. Her blog is chock full of pictures of her world travels and classes.

I found her link on Alev Gozonar’s Turkish site! There’s more to this globe-spanning story. Stay tuned.

  • reply Libby Mills ,

    Wow! I love her clean modern design sense. Great find!

    • reply Donna ,


      • reply Melanie West ,

        Terrific use of polymer clay – her organic forms are fantastic!

        Please let us know how her book is, Cynthia – assuming you figure out how to use Amazon-Japan, of course. I was a bit intimidated when I saw how many “yen” it was… need to go to Google Conversion I think. Lol!

        • reply Catriona ,

          I managed to place an order for it on Amazon Japan by clicking for the pages to be displayed in English (I had to open a new account with them rather than using my Amazon UK/US one). Will let you know if it arrives OK!

          Catriona (Paris, France)

          • reply Jenny Tabrum ,

            I just ordered the book from The cost was $18.49 US and if your order is over $25.00 the shipping is free. It will take a couple of weeks to arrive but I have used them alot with knitting books and have had great luck and prices. If you would like any other info let me know.

            • reply Valia ,

              Hi Jenny, I don’t know if you will read this but I’m trying to buy the book from and it seems they don’t have it anymore, or I’m doing something wrong. Does anyone know how/where I can buy it or does anyone has it and wants to sell it to me (even if it is used)?
              Thank you

              • reply Marthalee ,

                I just found the book on eBay – not in English, but I believe the investment of approximately $45.00 is worth it to view her stunning creations.

                Hope this helps in the search!



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