Marjorie Schmick Retrospective

My mouth watered (and it’s not from the aroma of turkey in the oven) when I saw works from Marjorie Schick in the latest issue of American Craft magazine. While these pieces may not be made of polymer clay (the site loads slowly and the image link in the left column is worth the wait), we certainly share her love of colors and jewelry as sculpture.

Here’s the schedule of the traveling exhibit , the catalog and a new companion book.

The artist’s work focuses on the body’s relation to form and is simultaneously ornamental, visual and tactile. Included in the exhibition are 64 objects recounting more than 40 years of Schick’s work.

I found a great Smithsonian interview with the artist as well which is great for post holiday dinner reading (or napping).

I give thanks for you, dear readers. Happy Thanksgiving Day.

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    Happy Thanksgiving to you also, and thanks especially for all of your hard work making this my favorite site.

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