LoopyBoopy Holidays

Twenty-four guests for Thanksgiving dinner at our house and the power goes out two hours before the meal!

Perhaps I picked up some gremlin vibes from these polymer clay holiday elves-gone-bad by Louisiana’s LoopyBoopy Art Dolls. They’re wonderful characters and her descriptions are great.

We fired up the generator for cooking and got power back 15 minutes before guests arrived! Whew. This year I am thankful for electricity. Angela Gerhard sent the link along.


  • reply Colleen ,

    Hope ya’ll had a great Thanksgiving! Thanks to Angela for the reference and thanks too for featuring me on your wonderful webpage!!

    • reply Lindly Haunani ,

      Did yo fire up the BBQ? I too had a momentary moment of panic when the power went off in our area on Thanksgiving day – thankfully just for a few minutes- and then all was well with our dinner.

      ….and in giving THANKSgiving- thank YOU for all the work you do to make this such an inspirational daily polymer clay treat.

      • reply Toby ,

        So sorry. I have had repeated plumbing emergencies before big dinner parties. I thank goodness I have an gas stove now and a gas grill… provided food does not spoil, we’ll eat!

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