Acres Show Exhibitors

Three polymer clay artists who have never done a major wholesale show have been chosen by the NPCG to share a booth free of charge at the American Craft Retailers Expo in Las Vegas next April.

California’s Meisha Barbee (right), Washington’s Julia Sober, and New Hampshire’s Sandra McCaw (left) were chosen from a large slate of entrants. Thanks to Judy Dunn who headed up the process for NPCG.

Slow internet connection tonight…oh my, you folks with dialup are a patient lot. More news tomorrow.

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    Grace à vous je découvre Sandra McCaw, thank you .

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      […] We’re at the Baltimore conference early for general grunt work and set-up. Meeting old friends and making new is lovely, no matter how jet-lagged and road weary we are. (Left to right: Dorothy Greynolds, Meisha Barbee, Hollie Mion wearing Ann Monheit’s work) […]

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        […] Judy Belcher has a bit and you can also visit Gwen Pina’s site. Meisha Barbee, Lindly Haunani and Sandra McCaw will be sharing an NPCG-sponsored booth there as well. […]

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          Does Meisha Barbee have a website?

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