New Zealand’s Keogh

This is not a vacation picture. It’s a witty polymer clay sculpture from New Zealand’s Sonia Keogh.

"My characters are playful, provocative and have an emotional energy. Polymer clay enables me to merge realism and fantasy, to develop a sense of irony by manipulating the natural order of things," says Keogh.

Susan Lomuto uncovered the link to these quirky, satirical pieces and thought you’d enjoy them.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Wow! Incredible work! I am especially drawn to “Pin Up” *shivers* and “Hidden Talent”. Just terrific – brava Sonia!

    • reply Jeanne Rhea ,

      Wonderful sculptures! Not the ordinary and lots of emotion come through them.

      • reply Colleen ,

        I love these! Not your ordinary ooak dolls and I love that. Love to see originality and the spirit of the artist and you definetly have achieved that!! A real treat!

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