Doroshow Makes Multiples


It’s been fun to watch Dayle Doroshow work on several polymer clay projects this week. Here are five mask pendants that she made and embellished with rivets and metal parts.

Whatever creative spark she’s following, she makes in multiples, not just one. Five is her number but it could be any number. Creating five versions of each idea allows her to refine the technique, explore the possibilities of production and decide if the idea is worthy of further exploration.

Dayle will be teaching more about the care and feeding of the creative spark at Synergy.

  • reply Lunes ,

    The pendants struck me as really interesting, I didn’t notice their faces initially until I read the comment. I love the notion of working on several things of the same “genre” in order to refine etc.,
    Must try that next clay time!
    Notice that Dayle is due in my neck of the woods next summer – shame it’s focus is on dolls! I would love to attend some polymer classes. Am even considering establishing them myself – so if anyone fancies teaching in France……

    • reply Barb ,

      These are cool…is that a penny that I see near the top of the center pendant?

      • reply Barb ,

        upon closer inspection, I think I see four pennies and a dime too…

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