Vacation Finale with Tory Hughes

An invitation to an open house featuring Tory Hughes’ polymer clay work has played havoc with my vacation budget. But I’ll go home richly adorned in fine ancient faux jewels from one of polymer clay’s earliest and most innovative artists.

I leafed through her copy of an Ornament magazine from 1989 that featured Tory’s work on its cover. It was a dazzling way to finish our Santa Fe adventure.

Tory has renewed enthusiasm with new designs and ideas and is looking to ramp up her teaching schedule. While her web presence is scant, you can see her work in many books including her own Chameleon Clay book.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Oh Cynthia, you lucky woman! To own something made by Tory Hughes is worth the dent in ones budget, imho. Thanks for sharing it… and reminding me of how much I like her work. 😉 I only wish that available back issues of Ornament didn’t stop at 1990! Argh!

    • reply sari0009 ,

      Totally yum.

      • reply Pat Semyk ,

        It’s wonderful to see both Victoria’s work and Dayle’s work in your recent posts. I’m a huge fan of both artists. I’ve had the pleasure of taking classes with both of them at Maureen Carlson’s studio in Jordan, MN. and what great workshops those were! Their work is inspiring and innovative indeed!

        • reply Christy Dickerson ,

          Thanks for the great news! Her work is an inspiration! I look forward to seeing her new directions.

          • reply Catie Howe ,

            Love it! I have adored Tory’s work, but have never had an opportunity to take a class from her. How could I get a hold of her class schedule?

            • reply Julie Picarello ,

              I rented Tory Hughes’ Mokume Gane video from the NPCG Library in 2005 and was enthralled and inspired as I watched it. I credit Tory with providng the incentive to begin my owm mokume gane experimentation, and will be forever indebted to her!

              • reply Laura ,

                Hi! I had the fantastic pleasure of taking a class with Victoria this past fall at Snow Farm in Massachusetts. It was both relaxing and inspiring and the facility is just wonderful. I don’t know when she teaches there next, but you can contact them to see if they know.

                • reply Elaine Langsner ,

                  I am so happy to have a piece of Tory’s work actually singed to me from a work shop at Sheila Miller’s in the good old old days.

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