Commenting on yesterday, Louise Fischer Cozzi writes that Tory Hughes will be teaching at the fourth annual Art of Polymer workshop in Stresa, Italy on Lago Maggiore, August 20-26.

Check Louise’s site for a look at her new polymer clay work. At left you see her pearlized polymer with image transfer process based on symmetry in nature. She’ll have details on this year’s classes posted soon.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Brava Louise!! I love the new work!! 🙂

    I highly recommend Louise’s Stresa workshops. I was one of the lucky few who got to attend last summers workshops, and I have to say it was absolutely wonderful!! A huge thank you (once again) to both Louise and Maggie Maggio!

    • reply laurie prophater ,

      Stresa, Italy!!!

      Classes with Louise & Maggie Maggio!!!

      A room overlooking Lake Maggiore!!!

      Incredible Italian food!!!


      • reply Louise Fischer Cozzi ,

        I have the best students!!!

        • reply Susan Lomuto ,

          I saw Louise’s new work at Lyndhurst in September. While I think the line that she has been showing for the last couple of years is so lovely (translucent clay/oil paint), this new image transfer collection is dramatic, bold and simply fabulous. Her booth setup at Lyndhurst was very NYC chic (minimal, simple, clean) and it was jammed with customers. Easy to see why…

          • reply mary t. ,

            I’ve been lucky enough to attend two years running…Had the pleasure and honour of being taught by the best..Louise, Kathleen Dustin and Donna Kato. Great stuff!
            Mary t.

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