Gordon’s Katrina Collection – Art Therapy

Lori K. Gordon’s Katrina Collection is composed of the rubble of her life. Gordon constructs art from the mounds of debris that covered her property, often using polymer clay to unify or embellish her pieces.

“I lost my home and studio in Clermont Harbor, Mississippi to a 35 foot wall of water and 150 mile per hour winds. In both a literal and a metaphorical sense, this series is composed of pieces of the storm,” says Gordon. The site requires some scrolling to capture the impact of this powerful story.

This link was sent by Lindly Haunani who’s recovering from her own natural disaster – a fall on the ice. Perhaps she’s taking comfort in Gordon’s story of healing after the storm. Be sure to send Lindly some merry wishes this holiday season.

  • reply Sherry Bailey ,

    Oh. MY. God.

    That is maybe the most incredible assemblage art I have ever seen, and I have seen Joseph Cornell in real life… (Well, an exhibit, not HIM!) I am stunned and exhausted, and I kind of had to “fast forward” through the blog, there was so much.

    Talk about making lemonade when life delivers lemons.

    (Get well soon, Lindley, by the way!)

    • reply Ilene ,

      Thank you so much for this post. As one who was [luckily] unaffected by Katrina, I couldn’t imagine the depth of the devastation this storm caused. Lori Gordon’s heartfelt narrative, and her wonderful artwork, really drove this home. It also showed that by keeping a positive attitude, no matter what your circumstances are, you can rise above the rubble and take positive steps to rebuild your life. Those affected by Katrina have shown indomitable spirit and an inner strength far beyond what they probably ever imagined they had.

      Lori proves that Art is the therapy that can help you work through the turmoil of your life.

      • reply Lori K Gordon ,

        Wow, I just stumbled on this while trying to find myself on Twitter (Give me a break here-I am new to this social media stuff!) Thank you so much for posting this, Cynthia, and thanks also for the kind comments from Sherry and Ilene.

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