Color Games from Haunani

I’m totally distracted by my new Apple Itouch. Who would have thought you could post to a blog from this tiny device? My husband totally surprised me with this perfect gift and I’m not sure which I love more, him or the Itouch.

I’m downloading some of the color meditations that Lindly Haunani recommends. She’s got some great stuff tucked away on her site. Check out Colorstrology…skip the intro and get to your birthday.

Lindly’s on the mend and posting away like crazy! She’ll be out of that awful contraption by Valentine’s Day with any luck.

  • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

    I’m Dusk: witty, colorful, talented. My month color is Baja Blue, a very pretty shade but I think I like the 2008 color of the year better (Blue Iris).

    • reply Janice Abarbanel ,

      I’m mulberry – Shazam! The perfect color for me! And not to mention, deep, sexy and probing. Can’t wait to tell my DH – oh yeah, he knows this, right???

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