Creagers Holiday Offering

I hadn’t visited Arizona’s Richard and Jodi Creager’s site for a while when I bumped into their polymer clay sculptures on their EBay page.

Richard and Jodi have been designing dolls together as a team since 1979. They produce 10-15 dolls a year. You’ll immediately understand why their works are in private and museum collections across the country. The detail in their collaborative figures is breathtaking.

This was one of their special Holiday Dahlia Darkling offerings. The Creagers say of their work, “To be able to create a human form, an image, a personality…to be able to express what you have inside and put into form your mind’s and heart’s vision, and to stir emotion in someone … all from a piece of clay… this is our True Joy in Life”

  • reply Jen ,

    Wow. That’s amazing detail and skill. I have just found a book on Amazon, “creating life-like animal sculptures” and look forward to getting into it. I have never gone the “life-like” route with polymer clay, only in drawings and paintings. Seeing such sucesses are so inspiring and show the loooong road ahead!

    • reply Meg ,

      wow! what amazing work. such intricate detail. very cool!!

      • reply Sherry Bailey ,

        I have loved the Creagers for a long time! Breathtaking!

        • reply Jodi Creager ,

          WOW… what a delightful New Year Gift…. thank you so much everyone for the very kind comments about our work…

          Everything Bright & Good to you in the New Year…

          Jodi and Richard Creager

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