Doroshow’s New Site

California’s Dayle Doroshow has a knack for showing polymer clay artists how to nurture their own creative sparks. She’s just unveiled a new web site that showcases her work and her schedule of wide-ranging classes.

Dayle teaches an approach to art that is a wonderful combination of free-spirited adventure, focus and discipline. She brings out the artist in me and I’ve helped her nurture her inner-nerd by assisting with her new site.

I’m loving the fabric/polymer combinations Dayle’s been working on lately like the flower pins shown above. Her portfolio is full of fabulous works (check out this polymer clay postcard/invitation).

  • reply Laurie Mika ,

    HI Cynthia,
    I love Dayle’s work (she is a fellow Artfest teacher!) and can’t wait to see her new site…only I couldn’t get anything to open on her site…..but I love the yummy green background! I have been playing with fabric embedded in clay and would love to see what Dayle is up to! Looks fun!
    Thanks for providing my daily addiction!

    • reply Cynthia ,

      Oh, dear…I hope I’ve fixed it. Let me know if it’s still misbehaving for you.

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