Wallace’s Fabric Influences

Ohio’s Amy Wallace mixes polymer clay and fabrics too (check Dayle Doroshow’s work from yesterday). Amy’s signature piece is her “stacker” bead which combines coils of patterned polymer strips.

Heavily influenced by fabrics, Amy’s focuses much of her work on buttons and she does them well.

If you’ve ever been tempted to try a coiled fabric basket, check out Amy’s recent HGTV segment. She makes it look so simple!

Yes, of course she’s got an Etsy site and some Flickr fun stuff. For more fabulous fabric treats, spend some time looking at Marimekko’s spring collection. Have a fun weekend.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Wooohoooo! Another fabric pattern addict. Brava to Amy! The fun and energy of her pieces is dizzying, and I’m loving it. Keep up the great work, Amy!

    And once again, Cynthia, thanks sooooo much for a terrific showcase, and thanks for the Marimekko reminder – I have fond memories of my mom buying terrific wild patterns of Marimekko patterns to cover pillows. They still have their signature look, but much more contemporary (as in, no longer ’60’s clash).

    • reply Michelle Davis Petelinz ,

      Way to go, fellow PCAGOE member, Amy! I’m a great fan of her work; it’s colorful, vibrant and fun.

      • reply Ilysa Bierer ,

        Amy’s stacker beads are great! Love the use of fabric with the clay too.

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