Dustin and Hughes jumpstart your week

Jumpstart your week with a look at spectacular new polymer clay works from names you know (or will learn). To the left is Victoria Hughes who’s got a vibrant new web site that showcases her new work as well as her signature pieces.

Don’t miss the deal in her “Books and Videos” section (here’s the complete list of her tapes). She’s transferring all her videos to disc format and is clearing out her VHS tapes. These are remarkable tapes at bargain prices.

You won’t want to miss the buzz over Kathleen Dustin’s Tuesday post about her new stunning blowing grass purse. Reading about her inspiration and her process will make you stop and think…and look around more intently.

You can thank Judy Dunn and Susan Lomuto for starting this week’s buzz.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Holy @#$%%^! OOOMMMGGG! Phew! What an incredible way to start the week.

    Brava to Tory for a terrific new website and lovely new work.

    So far as Kathleen’s new work… *Jaw drops, eyes pop out, drools prolifically* I am simply stunned. Almost speechless – almost. Kathleen is at the top of my list of “Drop Dead Fantastic, Stunning Artists”. Hohw does she dooo this!?! Once again, “Phew!”

    • reply Mariane S. ,

      It is the divine wind which has to blow between Kathleen’s fingers … Just to feel at the beginning of this week, how much I’m so FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR from her Art .
      French Amiration …

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