Anderson’s FimoCreations

Arizona’s Jon Anderson reappeared on my radar. His forms are densely covered with exceptionally intricate polymer clay cane work in muted colors.

Judy Dunn spotted Anderson’s Fimo Creations on a Wisconsin gallery’s site. Anderson’s own site shows the whole spring 2007 collection, a bonanza for animal sculpture enthusiasts.

A PCDaily viewer was worried that she hadn’t received any response back to her emails to the company. It would appear that they’re alive and well but perhaps not very communicative.

  • reply Barb Fajardo ,

    Jon’s cane work was some of the first I had ever seen in pc…he is in at least two galleries here in Abq. One at the top of Sandia Peak and the other in Old Town. Love his work…

    • reply Jen ,

      His stuff really is neat. I am trying to track down a roadrunner for my mother.

      • reply Camilla Frager ,

        I remember seeing his work many years ago. Jon also sells his work through Air Terminal Gifts. I purchased penguins when traveling recently and love to look at the intricate caning he used when creating this sweet piece.You also get a business card with an eagle wing cane on it. Such a nice touch.
        Cami Frager

        • reply Kathi ,

          I drool over his work. My partner saw some of his pieces in a casino shop on the coast of Ca. and fell in love with it. I would LOVE to own one of his pieces!

          • reply Trina ,

            I have one of his small lizards. I bought it in Sedona in the gallery he shared with Robert Shields (the mime). I have noticed that his newer work isn’t all canes. Things like mouths, horns and tails are now done in solid colored clay. Very classy.

            • reply Adina ,

              holy gorgeous those are amazing.

              True artistry.

              AND he lives in Egg Harbor what a life!


              • reply Mariane S. ,

                Waou !! Wonderfull !! The fish is not my favorite, but did you see his new Penguin Family ??? Lovely !

                • reply Jeanette ,

                  I bought one of Jon’s lizards in a gallery inTuscon last summer and it is amazing. She shop owner was so excited that I knew about polymer clay and the process Jon used that she gave me several of his cards with small pieces of cane on them.


                  • reply Marylo la rêveuse (the dreamer) ,

                    Stunning work!

                    Thank you for sharing with us all the wonderful sites presented here!

                    I’m speechless when I watch all the wonders done…

                    LOL (Lots of Love) from France
                    Marylo, la Rêveuse (the dreamer)

                    • reply Jeffrey Shellan ,

                      I’d really like to understand how he makes these wonderful items. I could not understand, fully, the description at his website. Any sources of better/more detailed explanations?

                      • reply Gail Grim ,

                        I saw Jon Anderson’s polymer creations in a shop on the Plaza in Santa Fe, NM. I could not believe my ears when the clerk told me that the animals were done in polymer. I fiddle around with polymer somewhat, which makes me appreciate these all that much more!

                        I bought a ram for my son, an Aries, and he loves it. It was worth every penny I spent on it.

                        • reply kris andersen ,

                          We are the exclusive source for Jon’s amazing work.
                          I have known Jon for many years,and we consider each other brothers.
                          It is fun to see some of the comments, and if I may clear up a couple of misconceptions:

                          We are alive and well, and answer every email we receive personally . You can get in touch with us here in Sedona via the contact page on our website,

                          We will be retiring the Roadrunner this spring, but will put you in touch with a retailer who still may have one.

                          EVERYTHING is done in canes, there are no solid colors used at all, some very subtle fades.
                          Jon also uses bone and horn where appropriate.

                          There are so many different processes in the creation of a single animal, that you would probably fall asleep if we went into complete detail!
                          Jon is from Arizona, and continues to create and live in Bali, not Egg Harbor

                          • reply carolyn chiara ,

                            why is the roadrunner being discontinued. I have one purchased in Phoenix in 2005. it is a beautiful work of art. The art brings the roadrunner to life!

                            • reply Marcie ,

                              I just got one of Jon’s Elephants. It is just awesome. I got it in Cody, Wy at a wonderful gallery. The owner was so excited to meet another polymer nut.

                              • reply Becky Kean ,

                                A few years back my husband and I purchased a very large turtle in old town Scottsdale. Brought it back to Boulder, Colorado, where we live. It (the turtle) is now in the process of having it’s neck and head fall off the the main part of the body. Trust me, this has been very well taken care of. What does one do in order to have this repaired?

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