England’s Carlton

Popcorn and chocolates for dinner and another evening on the computer. This poor nutrition and night owl schedule can’t continue. I’m beginning to miss my husband and my normal life. I did bump into an artist who’s new to me.

England’s Debbie Carlton shows some lovely metal/polymer clay work on her Flickr site and on her own business site. She started in metals and has recently added the polymer touches for color and interest. Her work has a light, playful touch that I find appealing. I see I missed her article in the November issue of Art Jewelry magazine.

  • reply Marian Gurnee ,

    I look forward to your website everyday. It is so inspiring. I can only imagine how much work it is. Popcorn and chocolate sound like a great dinner to me. But I hope you don’t stop this wonderful resource for all of us. Perhaps if you put out a message to the local guilds all around that they can help with researching and sending you new ideas. Don’t give up on us please. Maybe you could just post a few times a week to give yourself a break like the Parole de Pate does. You are a lifeline to many of us. Huge kudos to you and many many many thanks. And thanks to your hubby for sharing you with all of us. Marian

    • reply Carol Blackburn ,

      Well done, Debbie. It’s great to see your work featured here on PCD. Looking forward to seeing you on 2nd February at our next London poly clay day.
      Carol xxx

      • reply marcia ,

        LOL! I thought I was the only one who acted like this when my husband was away. Do we need a support group? Thanks for the link to Debbie’s site.

        • reply Lunes ,

          Debbie’s site is great with some wonderful original designs…Debbie will you be featuring polymer clay on your site as well? Or have I missed it?

          • reply Debbie Carlton ,

            Hi Lunes, there is quite a lot of polymer clay work on my site and on flickr. I use it mostly inside the silver clay bezels that i make with either image transfers or simple canes ( i’m not a great PC bead person!) On the website there are lots of pc earrings although stuff i did a long time ago- MUST update the site soon. Thanks, Deb

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