Hennessey’s Decca brings polymer to needleworkers

Karen Hennessey markets her polymer clay art to the needle arts crowd. The Massachusetts artist started working with polymer in the late eighties and created her company, Zecca, which makes colorful caned items designed to meet the specific needs of knitters and needlepoint enthusiasts.

Her caned patterns embellish stitch markers, scissor protectors, buttons and other needlework necessities. The patterns have infiltrated her needlepoint patterns and it’s sometimes hard to tell if you’re looking at needlepoint or a cane slice. Hennessey created a line of blank cards that combine a cane slice on patterned paper as shown here.

If you’re thinking about moving beyond your niche, take a look at how this polymer artist has found a home among related and companion artforms. Thanks to Alaska’s Katie Way who sent the link along.

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