Snow’s Timbuctooties and Longoland’s Monsters

I’m captivated by these polymer clay “timbuctooties and didgeridollies” by Washington’s Donna Snow. Her fiber and polymer dolls are dressed in hand worked fabrics and embellished with odds and ends.

Each of them has amazing character and they look like they’re bursting with exciting stories from their mysterious pasts. This one’s called “Wiggy the Skateboarder.” Donna gives classes throughout the year in her Port Townsend home studio.

The link was sent in by Michelle Davis Petelinz. Her boxes, frames and masks will entice you to spend some time there.

Monster Skin Rug
I couldn’t resist adding just one more thing to end this silly week. Here’s a little cashmere and polymer clay monster skin rug by Joshua Ben Long whose Longoland is a multidisciplinary funhouse including a line of twisted stuffed animals.

My sweet son picked up the link from BoingBoing. Start your weekend with a chuckle and a smile.

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