Young’s Lumina Leaf Tutorial

I bought some Lumina air-dry polymer clay months ago when I first saw Camille Young’s work. Camille’s leaf tutorial and the ginko leaves outside my back door are prompting me to finally open the packages and give it a whirl.

How nice of her to share her techniques with us. Camille makes it look easy…experts always fool us that way. Her colors are lovely and the compositions pleasing. Go have a look.

  • reply Kim Cavender ,

    I think Camille’s work is so lovely! Thanks for sharing it, Cynthia!

    • reply Rebecca Geoffrey ,

      Great look at Lumina clay. I think I may try some!
      Thanks for sharing!

      • reply Jen ,

        OOh, I was so tempted to buy some when you posted her stuff. Did you come up with any good creations?

        • reply Jean Melton ,

          I never could find any tutorial.

          • reply Sandra ,

            I like Camille’s work.

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