Kato’s Big Beads Revive Canes

Donna Kato has provided a weekend treat for us. Just when I think canes are so “over” and boring, Donna brings back canes that pack a wallop.

Her end caps are genius and her palette is simply lovely. She describes how she cuts thickish slices and bakes her big beads on cornstarch to minimize distortion.

Return to your studio with renewed enthusiasm. Thanks, Donna (and thanks to Barb Fajardo who spotted the new beads).

  • reply Lisa Clarke ,

    So bold and beautiful in their simple designs!

    • reply Melanie West ,

      Stunning cane work! Brava, Donna! I have to agree about the “bead caps” – what a terrific idea. And here’s to fat cane slices… I’ve been a fan of big fat cane slices ever since I started making cuff bracelets.

      A great weekend post, Cynthia… Thanks! I think I’ll have good bead-dreams tonight!

      • reply carolyn stearns ,

        Donna’s beautiful use of graphic canes is what turned me onto PC. I hope canes aren’t dead, I’ll be in big trouble!!

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