Brown’s Openwork in Polymer Clay

Here are a couple of openwork polymer clay pieces by Maryland’s Keith Brown to tantalize you this Monday morning.

After looking at this for a while I’m still not sure how he constructs his works and I’m intrigued. You can see that Keith has mastered the technique if you look at his bowls and trays.

Light and shadow, positive and negative – a mystery to start your week. Thanks to Bettina Welker who pointed out the new additions.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Yum! Thanks for the “new work” alert, Cynthia (and Bettina!). Keith has the gift of turning the simple into the sublime. For those scratching their heads and saying “How’d he do that?”… check out his tutorials. Very clear, simple and… well…. elegant. 😉

    • reply Denise ,

      How ironic! I just stumbled upon this artist’s website last week and went into a trance as I marveled at the clean geometric lines fashioned in such a unique way. His clay art really makes your mind get back to work after a lazy weekend!

      • reply Canespinner ,

        Thank you all for checking out my new items! Thanks for the feedback on the tutorials…I was thinking they were too difficult.

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